Influencer Marketing Conference 2022


Making every content count

“Hellmann’s & Influencers: How to Capitalize on Trends and Food Occasions”

Κατερίνα Τσιρώνη, Senior Brand Manager Dressings & Beverages, Ελαΐς-Unilever
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“The success story of IASO: Corporate Attributes and Best Practices that Lead to a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign”

Χριστίνα Κοροβέση, Head of Marketing & Communication, ΙΑΣΩ
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“Brand και influencers: Τα σημαντικά κριτήρια για να επιλέξουμε τους κατάλληλους influencers για το brand μας”

Panagiotis Tsaggas, Influencer Marketing Instructor at Knowcrunch, CEO of Susurrus
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“The Influencer Marketing Architecture from the Inside”

Ιωσήφ Κουτσουλίνης, Head of Marketing, Wella Company
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“Η δημιουργία του Community μέσα από το Influencer Marketing και η αξία του Storytelling”

Εύη Σταθάτου, Certified Parent Coach, Digital Content Creator, Writer
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“Employee Influencers: Opportunities and Challenges”

Dr. Joyce Costello, Senior Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University
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“Effective Influencer Marketing”

Scott Guthrie, Influencer Marketing Adviser and Board Member of the Influencer Marketing Trade Body (IMTB)
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“Influencers as Brand Creative”

Nik Speller, Group Business Director at Influencer
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“Digital Brand Strategy & Influencer Marketing”

Mark Dandy, Influencer Marketing Specialist and Founder of Captivate Influence
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“The Science of Influencer”

Shazia Ginai, CEO of Neuro-Insight, UK
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“What’s more important for the future of Influencer Marketing? Creativity or ROI?”

Beckii Flint, Influencer Marketing Specialist, Forbes 30 Under 30, Co-Founder Pepper Studio
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“How to build collectives of Influencers to drive ongoing advocacy for your brand”

Jo Burford, Director, Creator Communities at Aaqua
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“Influencing the Influencers – Insights and trends to navigate the Influencers Revolution”

Salvatore De Angelis, Head of Digital, International – Sports & Entertainment presso Nielsen
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