Director of Creator Communities at Aaqua

Jo Burford

Jo Burford is a leading Digital Talent and Creator Communities Specialist with over 10 years of experience. She has worked on creative collaborations with platforms, media channels and brands. In her new role as Global Director of Creators at Aaqua, she is helping to build a social media proposition, built on passions and communities.

Jo started at Talenthouse in 2012 and then moved to Los Angeles to spearhead the global Talenthouse community. She returned to the U.K in 2014 to support the BBC’s diversity efforts, running the Hidden Talent Lab during her role as Director of Talent at The Latimer Agency. She was thrilled to help uncover some of the U.K.’s up-and-coming Black YouTubers for the BBC, and today many of this cohort are now highly successful actors and Influencers. In 2015, Jo joined Twitter and during her 3.5 years there, she started Twitter’s first Creator Day, bringing together a diverse community of online talent in collaboration with the world’s biggest Viners. In 2020, during the Pandemic, Jo co-launched The Change Collective (the first network of sustainable creators) in her role as Global Head of Marketing at Whalar sparking her own mission to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


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